Giving a Diabetes App a Chance

I’ll be frank.

I don’t log. I’m not good at logging. I barely bother. I also still avoid technology that isn’t my pump or CGM when it comes to my health (my anxiety makes it all a little complicated- but I have been working on it!).

Maybe… occasionally… I’ll get a spark in me that says to go for it- but I don’t really even go anywhere with it. I did get into generally logging my chronic illnesses and mental health, but it wasn’t details or numbers or anything. Plus it was on paper. Yes… I’m one of those. I love my BuJo!

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Disclaimer: I do not have any kind of medical degree (science and math are not my thing). My views are also my own and do not reflect where I work or any groups I am involved in. This is not medical or psycho-social advice. Please consult your doctor. Everyone also has different stories. experiences, and views. Please respect those- including mine. Thanks!- Mindy Bartleson

Disclosure: I’m also a big fan of Scott Johnson.

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I wish I had gotten that logging bug from my dad. He went to town. He made his own logs- and that took an entire piece of paper- with the information and then a graph based off it. You see, he didn’t like what was offered, and it was before online/computer was an option- and even the earlier versions- his was better.

I gave it a shot a few years after he passed away. But- it didn’t stick.

It’s how he processed the diabetes- at least in my opinion. He’d put all the graphs up on the wall, use the data and the notes to discover patterns- and then he’d fax it in to the office with his ideas on changes- he was usually pretty close. He’d then bring everything with him to appointments. Don’t ask how massive my file was… also sorry trees!

I love data but don’t love logging.

After he passed away, meters and insulin pumps only held so much data and using a computer for it all was pretty foreign to me. So on the way to every appointment- I’d fill out the log. We’ll I’d BS it. I used different colored pens and never let my days look too perfect or exactly the same.

I thought I was a pro- sometimes I’d get caught and sometimes I didn’t. (later found out my providers always knew- but they also knew I was checking and taking action- so they let it be.)

The technology continued changing, more information was stored, easy to connect to computers, etc. I was also on the pump. But as it became easier to just plug it in at the office-

All my motivation to even try or BS a log sheet or book completely disappeared.

I barely gave it another look to be honest.

By the time I was in my teens, I was comfortable making my own adjustments if they were minor- if not I’d call or wait for appointments. Also- I was a teen- let’s just throw that out there.

But this confidence continued- the desire to not log remained the same. Now that I’m not in college, my life is relatively consistent- I can detect a pattern within a few days and make small changes as needed. The bigger changes- or the ones I feel unsure about- I reach out to my provider. If there’s a life change or an event like stress, travel, new schedule- I know what to look for or I might even know what to do before chaos arrives.

There is one thing that just never seems to make any sense but does have a substantial impact on my blood sugars….

My PCOS and endometriosis- especially the flare-ups.

So when I was approached about this opportunity to try out the mySugr Bundle and do a giveaway-  I immediately thought- SURE- I’m in- Test strips and I think Scott is the coolest!


(Stitch enjoyed the mySugr Bundle too- boxes!)

But (should I saw fortunately?) insomnia hit one night, and I could feel a flare-up heading my way. So in the middle of the night, I knew what I was going to do- log for the pcos and endometriosis.

Not necessarily for the diabetes- but to see if maybe there is a slight thing I’m missing to make those flare-up’s easier to manage- so I guess yeah for the diabetes to- buttttttttt-

My end goal? Use the data to justify getting needed surgery even more. Numbers don’t lie. Providers react more to my blood sugars and a1c than the period issues. I hate that that is the case. But it is- so I gotta find a way to work it. I’m hoping this will help me to do so.

So as I continue pushing what I need to have a better quality of life- I can pull up this data and insights I learned from logging to be like BOOM- THERE IT IS. That’s the plan anyways.


I just started using the bundle and the meter a few days ago.

I saw the pre-loaded 6 lancets.

Hey… maybe that will help me change my lancet more? WHO knows. I am decent at that however- once per day I change it.

I’m also in life changes- especially because I’m doing more consulting- which also means possible insurance changes. I’ve been working from home and back in a office setting. I’m about to head off to volunteer for diabetes camp.

And last night my pump site ripped out- well more like slid off because it’s been so humid and icky in Boston (I don’t have a car, and I walk basically everywhere)- so I decided to start my annual-ish pump vacation- I was going to wait until camp- but I just decided to start.

Maybe this will help me get on track for embracing tech/online with my diabetes. Who knows? (G6 will be coming my way soon…)

Like I said, I started using it. In 6 months, I’ll revisit the overall experience. I have actually logged something at least once per day for almost a week. Which… is hugeeee for me. Like I said, I might consider logging, but I don’t even start! I’m not even backtracking with logging right now-  I want to get into the habit and then- that’s when I’ll let myself backtrack with my logging if needed.

I also appreciate it when the monster dances when I log. Plus- the point? My competitive nature comes in. I also like that my insurance company won’t be doing non-medical switching with the meter/strips I’m using.

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Giving a Diabetes App a Chance

Editor’s Note: This was originally published in July 2018 and was updated for clarity and accuracy after the giveaway in September 2018.

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