So much for my workout this morning.

(because of time and low BG, this post has not been proof-read. Thanks for the understanding!)


So I told myself that my next blog post was going to be about POLI or something with a “yay” kind of vibe to it.

But then. This morning happened. I’m sitting here in the office with a juice box in hand, not very happy about the fact that I should be running right now. and as many of us know- low blood sugars and emotions- usually heighten situations and feelings such as anger and irritation.


Diabetes. I’m pissed.

Diabetes. I don’t like you right now.

Diabetes. Why?


So yesterday, I didn’t wake up in time to workout, but I didn’t have anything going on after work so my plan was to workout then. I’m 140 around 4PM, and I eat a banana with no bolus. By 5:15, I’m 80. I drink a juice and at that point I was pretty okay with not working out so I wasn’t too irritated then. By the time I got home, I was only 102 even after a juice and temp basal.

Something that I learned about my body, a long time ago? It likes to stay put. Getting it to move without over-correcting is a struggle. When I go low, my body wants to stay low- even if I abide by the 15 carbs/15 minute rule- and let’s be honest- I don’t because it really doesn’t work for me. If I’m chilling around 80/90 and have to walk to the train and then from the train to home, I temp basal and often pair it with a juice. But below 80? 30 carbs and I wait to feel better. I’m very lucky in that I feel my lows so my desire to abide by this rule is actually, to not abide by it.

In the middle of the night? All bets are off. I’m in full on survival mode and eating until I feel better (I skip the treat and wait and go to keep eating until I feel better). Over the years, I have gotten better at giving insulin if I consume well over 60 carbs and can see an up arrow- but I’ve had times where I barely give any at all or none and wake up in the 100’s.

But back to why Diabetes is irking me- as if I’m not scattered enough with the ADHD- this low is taking it to another level.


I went high last night and woke up- 360 with an up arrow on the CGM and 368 on the meter. I gave insulin. I utilized my correction factor and no more. I chugged some water. Went back to sleep.

I wake up at 200. I’m thinking whatever, I’m going for a run. I eat breakfast. I do my usual.

I do the same thing every single morning because I’m very sensitive to any changes in the AM- dawn phenomenon has been a huge factor in my mornings since getting diagnosed. After breakfast and my walk and everything- I’m still usually chilling anywhere from 140-190 which to me is perfect for a run.

And working out in the AM is a perfect way to combat this- if I wake up in time and go pull myself out of bed. Good to go. I have only a few factors to think about for my workout, and I can go. If I’m above 160, I skip the temp basal during my workout, and I turn it on afterwards for an hour. If I’m below 160, 75% for the workout and after. Works. Every time. My morning routine works every time.

Not this morning.


I get ready to leave. I look at my CGM. 156, within my usual range for mornings. I go on my way.


I don’t spend the entire time looking at my CGM on the train- I put it in my backpack or purse- out of sight out of mind is what I need for the anxiety.


I get to the office and change to go to the gym. I get on the treadmill, look at my CGM- 89 and a second later 82 with a down arrow… I eat some tabs and do a 0% temp basal for 15 minutes just for a jump start.

(On top of the BG this morning. Took me a while to get moving. Then the train had delays. So I had no spare time. I also don’t think I’ll be able to workout after work because I have an appointment. I’m going to call and see if they can push it back even just 20 minutes because it would give me just enough time to workout and get there. fingers crossed).

I wait 5 minutes for the next reading- if it’s stable, I’ll wait until I go up. If it is still going down, I’m calling it quits. My gut says by the time I get up and stable, I wouldn’t have time for a workout. 74 with a down arrow. Welp.

I’ve woken up high during the night before, and been able to workout the next morning no problem.

So here I am. I drank a juice. I’m still 83 (and yes… it’s been way past 15 minutes).


So Diabetes, I do not like you right now. I am irritated.

I do the same thing every single morning. and every morning I get the same results.


Not today.


and that…. that is Diabetes. You can literally do the same every day and because of one small factor like going high during the night or just because it feels like it, you can get a different result.


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