Getting Stir-Crazy: Diabetes and Getting Sick Addition

I honestly cannot remember the last time I was this sick. To be honest, I don’t think I have been “this” sick since high school.

I also haven’t been sick this often (3 times already) since my freshman year of college. Honestly, I think this is what my first year in Boston will be like especially this winter. I’m exposed to a plethora of new germs, germs that my body isn’t used to yet. So… that’s a big ball of fun. I’m getting hit by all angles; the office, public transportation, plus the people in my life who come into contact with germs. I’ve definitely decided and accepted that I will be sick quite a bit this year (just like my freshman year of college). That doesn’t mean I’m not prepared!

This one, this was a monster cold plus an acute bronchial infection, AND I’m on watch for an asthma flair up. I’m more concerned by the asthma flair up.

Last Tuesday, my throat was feeling scratchy, and I attributed it to the extra-humid day and forgetting my inhaler. By Wednesday, it hadn’t gone away, and I was running around saying I WOULD not get sick. 

I like to think I’m in control of this… I know I’m not, but I like to think if I decide I am NOT getting sick, I won’t.

By the end of the work day, I could really feel it. I was sick. My body ached, and I felt icky. I canceled my running plans and was disappointed with the timing because I had a friend in town…

I went home. Fever of over 100.

I progressively got worse. My fever stayed. Along with a cough, congestion, more icky feelings, body aches, and of course DIABETES INSANITY.

People were telling me to go to the doctor, and I was like nah. I really don’t like going to the doctor.

I got a little bit better Friday and had some hope, and then I got worse again on Saturday. By Sunday night, I caved. I was going to the doctor… joy… (I had someone ask how much worse it got- that proves how much I don’t like going to the doctor).

I scheduled my appointment for Monday, and I went.

I checked in, and (I still cannot get over this)…. I was seen the doctor AT my appointment time. I’m used to waiting forever back in GA, but I haven’t waited more than 5 minutes for an appointment since coming to Boston.

Long story short, if I had come in earlier, they would have put me on something. It was kind of up to me (and if I didn’t start getting better by Thursday or I got worse) if I wanted to take something at this point. My medicine options involved either messing with my blood sugars even more or messing with my stomach and allergies (I’m allergic to penicillin). But if anything changes, I should call for a prescription.

Well, this morning, I didn’t feel any better, but after what I call a MAGIC NAP, I woke up ready to take on the world- fever GONE. Not quite the million dollar man, but I was so stir crazy and had felt so useless for almost a week…. I had to get out of there.

The walk took a lot out of me… but I made it to work… extra excited to be out in the world (on a beautiful day too).

So glad I am FINALLY starting to get better. I’m the biggest baby when it comes to getting sick. I also hate doing “nothing.”

So to the blood sugars. Can we just talk about how much Diabetes and getting sick IS NOT FUN AT ALL.

My basal rate is 250% right now, and that still doesn’t cut it. I’m a little nervous to do anymore. I’m okay with chilling in the upper 100’s to the lower 200’s right now. Every time I eat…. My blood sugar skyrockets every time (no matter how much extra insulin I give). So I’ve been trying to stick to minimal carbs, but I’m not even hungry… so I have to force myself to eat.

I’ve been checking ketones like a mad woman (more than usual)! There were a few moments I was a little scared because of my blood sugars, but the highest amount of ketones I had were small. I was also scared it was the flu because I’ve never had a cold mess with my blood sugars this much…

I’ve been an irritated, sick, Type 1 with high blood sugars who has gone stir crazy because I basically didn’t leave home for 5 days…

But, I had a coffee detox and reset? No coffee for 5 days. The bright side, right?


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