(some) of the “extra” things I learned in college


So after a few months after graduating college, I have barely scratched the real world- like I say- I don’t know what I’m doing. But I learned some things in college that have been useful for real life.

These are things that were not for a grade, personal/professional development, or something to put on my resume. These are “the extra” things. That are VERY much valuable for real life, but are not usually taught in a class or told you need to know- hint, hint. I did have some teachers and professors teach real life- which THANK GOODNESS- I’m grateful for that. But these are a little different- at least in my opinion. The “little things” that help out in life.

First and foremost, I can literally sleep through JUST about anything- besides my obnoxious alarm clock (I set 3 on my phone and 1 “real” one) and above or below target blood sugars (grateful for that- thanks body). But seriously, after college dorms and noisy neighbors and needing to sneak a nap in the student center… I can sleep through ANYTHING-Noises outside, the cat playing with the toys in the middle of the night (apparently), storms, the sun rising. Etc etc. You name it- I sleep through it.

Next? I am completely and totally comfortable making all of my meals on Sunday (if I actually make myself do this) and eating the same thing for several days– same goes for leftovers- nothing to waste- and minimal effort please (I’m not a fan of cooking).

Another- I can spot a deal just about anywhere. I feel like a hawk waiting for the right moment to purchase something.

yes- there’s more– I know how to get lost and do it well- what I mean- I factor in extra time so I can enjoy it instead of being worried about being late.

And finally… my favorite skill- I can Tetris-the-Dishwasher like no other! I have no intention of leaving any space when I do the dishes (less loads means saving money and less work to do). I like to admire my work before I close up and turn it on.

Of course there are “other” skills- but these are just my favorites and most useful for me in my day to day life. (and the ones that come to mind).


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2 thoughts on “(some) of the “extra” things I learned in college

  1. I read your blog with great interest as I have a daughter who just turned 42 (yikes how can I have a child that age and she is my baby). I was diagnosed with Type 1 55 years ago and was on NPH and Regular twice per day. Continued on that course until 1982 when went on Ultralente, Regular and Lente with 6 injections per day. Now use a Medtronic pump with CGM and getting good results, The lows can especially wipe me out. The end of September will have a birthday which brings me 1 year from 70 and I am still working full time for the Insurance to pay for all of my supplies for CGM, Pump etc. It works well as I have no co-pay at this time. Do pay $40 for the Humalog but get 5 vials for the 90 day time frame. It is not bad at all. Enjoyed reading your post as it describes my life to a T. Thanks for putting it in words.
    Pat (AZ)

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