I made the switch from the Pump to Shots- at least for now.

I had this whole plan. It was an ingenious plan I’d say! Wake up super early, 6:45- which I did. Eat. Run. Pack. Clean the Bathroom. Do the Dishes. Do my laundry for my sheets, comforter, mattress pad, and towels. My desire was to be out the door by 9AM. Well.. I’m sitting here and it is 9:10. My plan went off without a hitch… Until the laundry decided to provide a delay in my schedule. I thought a little over two hours would be enough for everything to be finished. But. Sadly. I was wrong. I HOPE to be out before 9:30. But we will see how that goes. The rush? To see one of my close friends who I have not seen since December. We go to different schools, and they’re super far apart. We wanted to see each other and catch up before she went back to school, and I left for Europe. Hopefully, laundry doesn’t take away to much time. The Scoundrel!

So. I decided to write this post while I waited. At least, I am still being productive, and It has taken my mind off the dumb laundry. I wanted  to first say- THANKS– to all the wonderful and sweet comments, all the shares of my blog, new followers on here and twitter. It really does mean a lot! I’m not just saying it to say it! It does mean a lot! Second, I cannot wait for Diabetes Blog Week starting Monday! 🙂 I’m super stoked! I’ve starting writing my blogs for those since I will be gone, and I’ll publish them along with my other study abroad ones. I am so excited for the journey I am about to embark on!

Well. I have successfully. Well- as successful as I can be when it comes to Diabetes, but anyways. I have successfully switched to shots – The Pen. I was switched on Sunday so my body would have time to adjust because I remember the HORRORS of last year!

I don’t quite remember what it was like switching before but since my senior year I have taken a vacation from the pump during my summer vacation.

Reasons I switch you ask?

  1. I appreciate my pump more when I switch back in the fall.
  2. I enjoy spicing things up!
  3. It easier to be at the pool- without the worry of spiking because I have been off it for an extended period of time
  4.  I don’t have to worry about my pump overheating along with insulin, and resulting in it going bad.
  5. I don’t have to worry about sweat and water possibly encouraging my pump site off earlier.
  6. This ones for the girls- Summer Clothes ARE NOT conducive to pumps. Where does it go? Where will I put it? “What’s that big box thing under your clothes?” Then there’s getting to it if it is under a dress or such. Plus so much more.
  7. No tan lines from pump sites or anything else.
  8. It gives the areas I use for pump sites a well deserved break.
  9. Then for study abroad- pumps and airports do not get along so well.
  10. Plus many other reasons.

Like I said this year has been not quite as hectic as last year. Let us revisit the fiasco of last year- One year ago-

I decided to do my usual switch for the summer. I needed and wanted a break from it. Well. Most of my peers and people I respect who are living with Diabetes usually take their lantus at night (long acting insulin), and I had been taking mine in the morning- I felt like the odd one who was left out. I decided there must be something to it. So last year- I switched to night. BIG MISTAKE. Lesson learned- if something works well for you… Be careful about trying something else out. Like I say everyone is different- and I embrace that- even when it comes to the time of day I take my lantus. Well- I ran high for almost the whole entire week. week… I upped my lantus, my ratios and such, I was exercising and eating right. Well. No matter what… I was high…

Disclaimer and warning?- If I run higher for longer than a few hours – I get a little freaked and I stress out. Take that to several days or a week- and I end up losing it. I have meltdown, and that good fun stuff– scratch that. My doctors and other people have told me there is no need to stress out or freak it because it’ll be okay.

I know it will be okay. I know in all reality that it is just a number- I am more than a number. It’s just data! As long as I am not having this 24/7/365, and I am trying-  I will be okay, and I don’t need to worry about complications.

That’s not what upsets me- what upsets me is that I do not feel well. That’s why I get upset.

After a while, I switched back to my morning routine, and everything was back to normal. My body really loves lantus a lot I’d say.

This year- not so much of a roller coaster- But I have learned that while on shots, before my morning run, I need to give most of my insulin- this is not the case on the pump. Had a few mornings of spiking during my workouts. Not fun…

But other than that, things have been smooth.

Laundry is done! A little after 9:30 isn’t terrible I guess?

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin! -Until next time! and until there’s a cure!


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