… Finals

well- no deliveries are not my friend at all! But at least I know what happened to my blood sugar.

so there’s this thing, well things, called finals… That has pretty much consumed my life for a while – basically my reasoning for not being on so much- on anything actually social media wise. I have been studying my booty off! I tried to stay away from social media, but I have found out that my social media addiction is really just pinterest everything else- my twitter and facebook- I can stay off of. I think I did pretty well. I am glad to be done. I am done with my second year of college- phew! Onward!

But now finals are over with and I can do important things like watch good movies (Legally Blonde and Miss Congeniality), and oh yeah work! I have that night. and clothes shopping tomorrow!  I’m also making my must do list for Paris, London, and Norway. I am so excited! I am getting ready and looking up tips and everything. I leave in less than two weeks! Norway has been added to my list visits because I am visiting family! (Posting my to do list eventually)

I do plan on trying to blog at least every other day while I am away- so I can keep people up to date – no phone for me!

I had dinner with my Paris roommate and her family last night- along with my mom. So glad we are rooming together! I feel good about this, and we are going to have a BLAST.

I’m switching to shots on Sunday for my break I usually take during the summer, and I will be working till I head home.

Next post will be out soon. Sorry this is so short (it’s subject- Diabetes and Confidence -most likely). I am super excited about Diabetes Blog week as well! I’ll be back to my usual routine, as well as posting the daily quotes.

Side note- I am now appreciating the fact I took french as my foreign language.

Love,  Words, Inspiration, and Insulin! – Until next time! and Until there’s a cure!


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