The becoming of a morning person.

Is it May yet? Is it time for Paris yet? I would love to get this semester finished with right now. As I am sitting here during my break between Social Work and French, I can see a “snippet” of the beautiful weather UGA is experiencing right now. Beautiful weather for runs I’d say? and to top it off, a blood sugar reading of 117 shortly after food. Thank you morning run for your assistance.

This past weekend I don’t think our insurance company had any idea who they were dealing with. They had made the decision to not listen to my doctor’s prescription. Apparently I change my site too often. I should only change it every 4 days. What? 3 days is actually pushing it. Insulin stops working as well.The site stops working as well. You can get an infection. You can get scar tissue. Blood sugars will run higher. Oops there goes a place to put my pump sites. Thanks insurance company. AND. They didn’t send any extras in case something were to go wrong (it gets ripped out. it goes bad. you know).

I also apparently check my blood sugar way too often. WHAT. No thank you. I would like to live a long healthy life. Checking my blood sugar helps me do that.

Who are you? An insurance company that doesn’t have Diabetes. So you’re going to tell me how to take care of my self in a not so healthy way. You’re funny. That’s not happening. Have fun with me. 🙂 You picked the wrong person. You were practice. This is why I am going to Law School.

Let’s just say, I won that battle.

Friday night was Take Back the Night. I am so so glad that I was able to attend, if only for a little while. I am completely behind this. Women need to feel safe where they are. They need to have access to help and people who care. This needs to end. Sexism, needs to end. Yeah, I’d call myself a feminist now. Here us roar! Saturday, The Color Run in Atlanta! This was my second year participating! Still amazing. Last year when I went it was my first ever 5K. Next stop is a 1/2 Marathon. I really do love running. I am glad I finally started last year. I do have to admit, it does help keep blood sugars in control. I have also registered for the AthHalf in Athens. This will be my first Half Marathon! Sunday, October 20. The day after the JDRF Walk in Atlanta. That’ll be a weekend. Next up, registration for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I CANNOT WAIT!

But here’s where the title of the blog comes into play. I have discovered that I am quite the morning person now. Too all who know me, this is a shocker. It has taken me since around August to really get in the swing of things. Here’s what I’ve found since I started being a  morning person (wake up around 7:30-8 most mornings).-

  1. Scientists have it figured out! Waking up around the same time every day, and going to bed around the same time every day does make a difference. It is easier to wake up and fall asleep at night. It’s great. So much easier than falling out of bed and fighting yourself to fall asleep.
  2. On that note, this helps my Diabetes management as well. I am careful about what I eat after 9PM. If I have food with a lot of carbs after that I tend to spike around 4AM. No one wants that! Because I go to bed around the same time at night 10:45-11:30, I know that 9PM is the magic time to cool it on the food. I like the idea of sleeping through the night.
  3. The weekend is not the time to seriously sleep in! It messes with your sleep schedule. Like seriously. Sleeping in for me is now around 8:30-9. I am that “lame” college student going to bed early even on the weekends. But oh well. What is lame anyways?
  4. I am overall less tired (even if I have a night with very little sleep). Great right ? For so many reasons! When I am tired, I mindlessly eat. So if I’m not tired I’m not constantly snacking!
  5. We all know nothing good happens after around 1AM(this time varies from person to person). No bad decisions. No freak outs. No negative happenings occur at night for me anymore.
  6. It is easier for me to wake up in the morning and run!
  7. I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks around the same time every day. This is great for so many reasons. I don’t have to worry about basal rates, carb ratios, sensitivity, BG targets changing because of when I wake up or eat. It is always the same time. This takes away an “unknown” or factor in managing Diabetes.
  8. I get more done in the mornings now. I am a productive member of society.
  9. I don’t need as much caffeine anymore!

These are just some of the things I have noticed! Now, becoming a morning person by all means was a process. to say the least! It took extra caffeine in the beginning while my body adjusted. It took several extra alarms. It took several other steps. It took not being up late like the rest of my peers, and in turn becoming “lame.” It was a lot of grumpy cat type mornings, and transforming from a morning zombie into the annoyingly perky singing bird in the mornings. Why yes, I am that morning person they warn you about. 🙂 My poor roommates.

Here’s what I do-

  • The night before- I set up all my clothes and things for the next day. I set two alarms- one is my “repeat snooze” and the other one I have to climb out of bed. I set my alarm for 15 minutes earlier because I do like to press snooze. I think “I will wake up” before I go to bed. Positive thinking people! I get ready for bed way earlier. The next song ready to play is an upbeat song.
  • The morning of- My alarm is set for 15 minutes earlier so I can press snooze. The first time it goes off, I check my blood sugar and I give insulin for breakfast (two good outcomes in one – I give my insulin 15 minutes before, and I will get out of bed because I have given insulin). The second time, I turn on a light. The third time I turn my ipod on. Finally, my other alarm goes off and I pop out of bed, and I am ready to go!

My ways of being a morning person, but what I have discovered is that everyone is different. It is possible to transform from a night owl to an early bird. It takes time, and some effort. I have also realized how you become one is different for everybody! yeah there are some tips out there. I read articles and articles, and I tried those ways. Some of them worked for me. Some of them didn’t. We are all unique individuals, and you have to find what works for you.

Love, Words, Inspiration, and Insulin! -Until next time! and until there’s a cure!


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