Diabetes Resources During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Here you can find resources from varied sources on diabetes and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. I will try to update this list weekly. I am still concerned by diabetes and coronavirus information that is flying around and the mindset which I discussed in this article by Moira McCarthy for DiabetesMine, Why the Diabetes Community Is … Continue reading Diabetes Resources During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

T1D Camp for Adults (Survive and Thrive Bootcamp)- It’s Just Right

I feel like goldilocks right now, but how I wish there were only three bears and in turn only three choices to pick from. I’m always looking for just right. Sometimes I get close. Sometimes I figure out what is just for me, but then I change or the just right thing goes away. Well, … Continue reading T1D Camp for Adults (Survive and Thrive Bootcamp)- It’s Just Right

Reposted on Diabetes Daily

Reposted on Diabetes Daily 2019 “Dexcom G6: Giving it a Whirl” Original December 2018 2018 “Diabetes Camp for Adults (Survive and Thrive Bootcamp)” Original June 2018 2017 “Let’s Stop Pointing the Finger” Original Nov 2017 “Support Kickstarter Project: Coming of Age With Chronic Illness & Mental Health“ “Mental Health Providers and Diabetes” Original March 2017 … Continue reading Reposted on Diabetes Daily

Insulin Nation

Insulin Nation Facebook post about my book “I Struggle with PCOS and Type 1 Diabetes” – Guest Post about my initial PCOS diagnosis “I Never Aged Out of Diabetes Camp” guest post about volunteering at Diabetes Camp “My Lost Year with Diabetes Burnout.” guest post about Diabetes Burnout “7 Tips for Supporting an Anxious Person … Continue reading Insulin Nation