Bi-Weekly Catch-Up: You Do You

So it’s time for my second “Bi-Weekly Catch-Up” for March 26-April 8. (You can find last week’s here!) Now in my little corner of the world… I had three nights of poor sleep (1st night because of diabetes. 2nd night because of period. and 3rd night because of anxiety insomnia). Then I got sick. Plus had a not so great week over all… but the week before went pretty well.

I also realized I had an ENTIRE month without a doctors’ appointment. WAIT WHAT. THIS IS UNREAL. I cannot even remember the last time this happened. (Yay for the little things!)



  • I’ll just leave this here…

  • I love this cat!


  • When the T has problems… the tweets are entertaining

  • Go Dawgs!

All About Me



  • Insulin Nation shared an older article that is a good reminder that when it comes to T1D and eating disorders, it isn’t always Diabulimia.
  • I SO agreed with Molly- it is okay to be mad at your diabetes!
  • It does really hit me/bother me/hurt when someone says at least it’s not cancer- especially because I have been impacted by it. I really appreciate this post.
  • Ginger’s book’ “Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes” (a month to month guide throughout the pregnancy is now available!

  • I really appreciate the love the DOC sent my way when I missed DSMA. ❤

Wait… What???

  • Ummm… It snowed… In April??? That was a first for me… but I might have missed it because I was in NYC for about 24 hours. But the memes that come from snow… crack me up.

  • Poor GA… 1-85 fire… weather… (and more) hit within days… glad the people in my life are okay! But I’m glad I don’t have to deal with the traffic there….


You Do You!

Melissa Lee shared this photo with me- and I’m definitely a fan of the work! I really appreciated the photos related to being single and child-free.


17635106_10211325389464230_5066916550877766297_o(Not my photos)

This photo really hit home for me- I’m not close with my blood relatives. I’ve created my own family. Whenever I hear comments like “blood is thicker than water.” Sometimes it stings a little bit, but I have learned that isn’t always about blood.


(snoop dog sing)

We do need intersectionality!


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