Bi-Weekly Catch-Up: Healthcare & Language

So- I’ve decided to try something new- 

A round-up of my favorite things- (or big things- maybe it’s not my favorite haha). I’m going to start with Bi-Weekly because every week seems like a big commitment for me haha-but we shall see! I’m calling it “catch-up” because I feel like I’m always trying to catch-up. But- I’m not trying to be classy- or worldly- or a reporter. I’m being kind of lazy- looking through blog posts with two weeks of things- seems easier than my social media feeds or saving it somewhere that seems logically- but I forget the location.

It’s just a collection of some of my favorite things or “major” things going on. It might silly- it might be serious- it might be a soapbox. You’ll most likely find a lot of Buzzfeed or Mighty Posts! It might be guest posts or things. Who knows! and maybe it’s timely- or maybe I was behind and just saw it.

Without further ado! 

Here it is. My first bi-weekly catch-up for March 12- March 25

For “Funsies”

I actually remembered to change my clocks! (in a timely manner)

I saw Pentatonix’s new cover of “Imagine” and ALL OF THE CHILLS! I keep watching it over and over.

I’d like to note that I often find Disney profound!

Apparently- Potter Puppet Pals’ A Mysterious Ticking Noise is now 10 years old! WOAH.

It was #NationalPuppyDay- and OH how I miss my Phaphy-

All About Me



  • CGMs are now covered under Medicare and Medicaid- so that was a win! Can we focus on access & affordability of the essentials for advocacy now? (well- also health insurance now too…) Specifically insulin & test strips.
  • Well first off- it’s Endometriosis Awareness Month. So I’ve been following along and wrote a piece.
  • My friend from diabetes camp (and all around badass plus a wonderful human being) of about 17 years, Kaki, wrote a blog post for CDN (yes I asked her) about living abroad with T1D– for study abroad then adding travel and for Fulbright.
  • To Write Love on Her Arms shared a post from The Mighty- “Grief Doesn’t Have a Timeline” SO TRUE.
  • Don’t forget about champion athletes with diabetes from Stephen at Happy Medium! My friend Kim submitted me for one because I ran a 1/2 marathon.
  • Another glorious human, Renza, wrote about insecurities and feeling good about diabetes management– but keeping in mind all of the outside factors with it! Let’s be honest- it is easier said than done!
  • Karen from Bitter Sweet revisited her college experience– and gave a shoutout to CDN about the Off to College Booklets. (Oh so thankful!)
  • This post from “The Mighty” really resonated with me. There are SO many things I don’t admit about living with chronic illness (specifically on the bad days)- well mostly that I struggle to admit and be honest about. But this specifically resonated with me regarding endometriosis and PCOS. These chronic illnesses have been their own kind of experience.
  • A CDN student wrote about her experience transitioning to college with T1D- specifically managing a busy schedule– trying to find balance- and let’s be real- that is just always a challenge – especially for those people who struggle to not be workaholics (like myself).
  • Amy from DiabetesMine wrote about grief when you have diabetes. I’ve recently lost two people- and I needed this post.

Some awesome advocates made Type 1 Day official in GA!




One of my favorite people- Moira wrote a piece for “A Sweet Life.” and I OH SO AGREE! Your word choice matters in diabetes– but also not just in diabetes.

DSMA Chat- Loved this one- especially certain questions- you can read through the tweets-  #DSMA. Even though language wasn’t necessarily the focus- it felt like it touched on language- a lot!


(AGAIN- but focus with the government and ACA, etc). 

Since this has been an ever present topic- I’m including all of the things under this date.

SOMEONE…. decided to say that paying for healthcare and iPhones was the same thing… and you should pick between the two- OH IF ONLY I COULD- OH IF ONLY THE THINGS I NEEDED TO STAY ALIVE AND “BE A PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF SOCIETY” ONLY COST AS MUCH AS AN IPHONE. But the internet of course erupted– you sir- you made a mistake with that comment.

The healthcare replacement bill didn’t even make it to a vote! (WHEW- but we’re not out of the woods). Why am I not a fan? I’m a woman with a pre-existing condition (well conditions). (SIDE NOTE- I felt pretty honored to be tagged in some people’s posts- specifically Riva- I immediately thought… SHE NOTICED ME!) But back to the important bit. I FULLY acknowledge that the ACA isn’t perfect- but why not improve it? I’d rather not backtrack please… I like when it’s not legal to discriminate against pre-existing conditions when it comes to health insurance… (not that it still doesn’t happen…).


Well- that’s it for my first Bi-Weekly Catch-Up. It will DEFINITELY- be a work in progress. 

(PS- If you you have an idea for a better name… please let me know! This isn’t my “field”of creativity.) I’ll also be playing around with formats and layout.


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We’ll both be glad you did! -Mindy

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